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Most businesses have websites that don’t look great, even if they have outstanding features and functionality. As a growing business, you certainly never want to be guilty of common web design mistakes when launching your business online. A professional-looking website is critical to establish credibility, gaining new customers, and fostering business relationships with clients.

Getting help from a top-notch Qatar digital marketing agency, SEM LION, to develop a professional website is always fruitful.

Common web design mistakes to avoid

Here are some of the most common mistakes you must avoid while designing your business website.

So, here we go:

Not adding a clear CTA

Missing CTAs is probably one of the most common yet biggest web design mistakes. To provide your prospects with the best web experience, you must tell them what, where, and how to do it. Always add information that provides value to your prospects. Don’t forget to add a compelling phrase to prompt action.

It isn’t always necessary to be creative with your CTAs. It is better to be clear with your words.

The long loading time of a website

Every digital marketing agency understands the loss a slow-loading website can cause your business. To provide a better experience to your prospects, you must design a fast-loading website. Multiple things can affect your website’s loading speed.

These more often include:

  • Hefty themes, plugins, and modules: These are the major causes behind the slow speeds of a website. Updating all these elements to updated versions can speed up your site loading and keep your visitors happy.
  • Unoptimized website images: Always add compressed and well-optimized images on your website, as these will not affect your site’s loading speed.

Don’t forget to test your website thoroughly before making it live. Performing a quick speed test will be beneficial for this.

Too prominent social links

Placing your social links on the top of your site can make you send your people away before they even look at your content. Placing social links that are too prominent means steering your traffic away from the website to the social platforms straight.

Although adding social links is important at present. However, you should always put these at the end of a web page. This will ensure that your visitors read your content before going to your social channels.

Your web design lacks mobile-friendliness

Having a mobile-friendly website that’s responsive and scales properly to fit different screen sizes is imperative. More internet users are now using mobile devices to make online searches. Therefore, having a website lacking mobile-friendliness means missing out on plenty of traffic.

According to Statista, around52.4% of internet users search online through their mobiles.

More than half of your site visitors want you to deliver a high-quality experience across different screen sizes.

So, you must design a mobile-friendly website to meet the expectations of your prospects.

Final Remarks:

Creating an efficient and effective website is the topmost priority of every business. SEM LION is the best digital marketing agency that helps you to create an error-free and feature-rich web design. You can get high-quality web design services from this Qatar digital marketing agency to establish your business’s online presence.