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Conversion Rate Optimization

We can help with finding the perfect combination of messaging and optimal design as CRO practices are a common segment of our workflow. Improve the percent of website visitors that transform into real customers. Increase sales and click through rate (CTR). Optimize ads and landing pages and convert passive site visitors into active customers.


Increase conversion rate in order to increase return of investment (ROI).

Nothing from the entire above is as simple as it appears and the temptation to make inappropriate bids from your first campaigns is real. As you consider this internet marketing strategy, think of what knowledge you have in terms of:

  • Keywords – the phrases or isolated words that users resort to when trying to find something related to your business on the web
  • Clicks and impressions – how many times leads have clicked your advertise and how many times the advertise was displayed
  • Average position – the place where an ad shows whenever initiated; it can be on the first page of the generated results or on any other page
  • CTR – clickthrough rate, the total amount of clicks split by impressions, resulting in a percentage that can improve the average position of your website
  • Conversion – the direct result of a lead interacting with your ad: subscription, phone call, sales

CRO techniques

A/B Split Testing

Better website ROI 

One of the most important benefits is that you can initiate numerous campaigns for different keywords or just by alternating description and title and all these without being charged extra. Depending on results you can vary the amounts of money you invest.


Effective Copyrighting

SEM Lion can provide you full support and 100% personalized campaigns for no matter what PPC strategy. If you are interested to optimize your site for Google in particular, resorting to the main advertising service of this search engine, with international distribution, may help you in particular.

Our case studies

Increasing traffic towards your website for a higher conversion rate is normally performed through natural, organic strategies to begin with. Search engine optimization is part of this category only that its efficiency is proved through time while pay-per-click strategies generate results much faster.




Design Update


Landing Pages


A/B Split Testing


Website Flow Redesign


Adding Social Sharing

We collect and analyze data in order to take the best decision. We do not only take all your queries and goals into consideration, analyze an already existing platform or discuss about a brand new one, but we also monitor your competition. 

Make visitors to take the actions you desire on your website, boost conversion rates and increase sales. We can help with finding the perfect combination of messaging and optimal design as CRO practices are a common segment of our workflow.

Converting visitors may refer to anything you set as business goal, be it instant sales or subscriptions to later become purchase oriented, and discovering the flaws that keep your conversion rate tight is made through a series of testing.

Ready to boost your project?

Let us help you increase sales. Conversion Rate Optimization is one of our servicing strengths.

From the smallest on site design and development details to major lacks of your landing pages and off site advertising, SEM Lion will engineer all your flaws for higher conversion rate translated into brand awareness, brand loyalty and sales.