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As one message cannot make a difference in your campaign without special writing communication skills that will draw the interest of the recipient, SEM Lion can bring consistency and value to your email marketing campaign.

There are two main needs that all buyers have: accurate information and privacy. Balancing these two is the same with aligning your marketing goals with your customer’s interests.

Our experience and constant information in the field made us better understand the efficiency of transactional emails as compared to the other two. The response rate of these emails is considerably higher than the one of newsletters. Moreover, they can include promotional content together with the message regarding the customers identified actions.

SEM Lion uses a set of comprehensive and versatile strategies to bring other segments of internet marketing and enhance the quality of your messages. By measuring the success of the campaign on social networks – how many times your e-mails are shared on Facebook, Twitter or other environments – we can help you develop your social media marketing campaigns as well.

To summarize, we will line up your business plan with your customers needs. Not through a single campaign but through a mixture of marketing strategies and tools. We believe in this option not only because it is one of the most affordable for all types of budgets, but also because it closely fits to all the other online marketing sectors.


Professional Approach

Customers are familiarized to work with emails and the more professional your approach will be, the more confidence they will have into taking your messages into consideration. This is our vision of long term relationships and commitment to customers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Having a staff of professionals to make a strategic plan is vital. Depending on the nature of the message you project, the format you choose for it and the delivery time context, there are three main types of email marketing campaigns: email newsletters, direct emailing and transactional emailing.

Email Marketing Strategies

Statistics indicate for more than 60% of the global customers are likely to make an online acquisition driven by email marketing. The communication channel we are about to initiate you into is: cost effective, instant and highly productive.

Custom Email Templates

The main difference between traditional emails and email marketing resides in the unique, appealing and professional look of the strategy you use for conceiving and delivering bulk messages. Here at SEM Lion you will receive full support to improve communication with customers, personalize messages for specific audience and acquire new referrals fast and easy.

We can also recommend you alternatives in the event that other strategies are more suitable for the current development stage of your business.

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Acquire new referrals fast and easy, boost your online sales, reduce the costs per lead.


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